Manuscript Submission

All authors can participate in the conference by submitting an abstract and/ or a full paper. For delegates who wish to publish a full paper in the SPIE conference proceedings, the main author or the contact author need to provide proof of paid registration and to present their paper as an oral presentation or display a poster during the conference. Authors with full registration can submit 1 full manuscript to be published in the RSCy2023 SPIE conference proceedings which will be submitted to Scopus for indexing, following peer review and acceptance. When registering through the online conference registration, please indicate if more than one manuscript will be submitted.

Manuscript guidelines

  1. Prepare your paper according to the SPIE manuscript specifications. The word template for paper preparation can be found below (at the end of this page).
  2. Submit your manuscript via the SPIE submission link.
  3. A statement of transfer of copyright should be signed by at least one author of the manuscript and returned to SPIE. The form may be accessed at or download the form at the end of this page. The statement of transfer of copyright should be submitted with your completed manuscript.
  4. Additional manuscripts may be submitted by selecting this option during registration. The Open Access publication through SPIE is available only if you register as an Open Access participant. Manuscripts eligible for publication must be presented during the conference as an oral or poster presentation and with proof of paid registration, following peer-review and acceptance.

The Proceedings of this conference will be published in the SPIE Digital Library with over 500,000 papers from other outstanding conferences and SPIE Journals and books from SPIE Press.

Poster guidelines

Emphasis will be given to the poster exhibition, with direct interaction between authors and audience during the coffee breaks. The usable space on the poster boards is 120 cm in height, 90 cm in width (A0 Format). The poster can only be portrait orientation.The boards will be illuminated sufficiently by the room light. Tapes and tags for fixing your poster onto the boards will be provided. Please prepare your poster carefully and completely the day before the first day of the conference.

Please don’t forget to remove your poster at the end of the conference. The organising committee will NOT take the responsibility of removing and keeping your poster after the end of the event.

Best Poster Award:

The purpose of the Best Poster Award is to encourage scientists to display outstanding posters during the RSCy2020 conference.

In order to be eligible for the best poster award, the main author needs to have full or student paid registration and to display their poster during the conference.


  1. Presentation: layout (attractiveness, legibility, creativity)
  2. Level of completion of the work and its impact/added value
  3. Content: novelty of the work, innovative ideas and value of subject matter
  4. Presenter’s ability to convey the message

Presentation: The award will be presented at the Closing Ceremony.

Prize: The Awards consist of a certificate and an award gift.